Computer fans rev up then pc shuts down, power light stays on

Hi, i have been experiencing a problem with my pc for a couple days now. It was running and shut down for no reason, it was not under any load at the time, however the power led remains on as well as the num lock on the keyboard. Pressing the power button does nothing to restart, i have to remove the power connector and insert it back into the psu for a restart, then it will shut down after booting past the POST.

I checked the BIOS for the temperature to see if my CPU was overheating and the temp. was normal, i tried two different Power supplies and nothing changed. Could this be a problem with the mobo or could my processor be malfunctioning? Thnks for any help i can get!

System Specs.
CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q8200
Mobo: Biostar G31-7 TE
RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 800Mhz (1gb x 2)
PSU: Codegen dual 500W

HDD: Maxtor 250gb SATA
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  1. 1. Any virus/malware? How are you determining this?
    2. What are load/idle temps like? Whats ambient?
    3. Are RAM/CPu stable? Memtest and Prime 95 to test. 12 hr prime 95, 8 passe smin for memtest.
    4. We're both PSU's a codegen? I've never even heard of that company.
  2. It does not sound good, but as a first test you should boot from a disk.

    Windows disk would do, or UBCD:

    If you can get booted up then ya corrupted OS or virus or such. If no boot at all I would suspect the board first.
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