2ssds in raid 0 and a harddrive to back up?

I have 2 128 gb ssds that i have in raid 0 setup, and i want a large hdd to back the combine thing up. how do i do this, which raid do i use?
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  1. You already stated you were using raid 0. That would work fine for incredible speed. There is however no recovery if a drive goes down. Just attach the other drive to another SATA connector and don't put the HDD into the raid. This will show up as a non raid device and work fine.
  2. Well you only have 256 GB of storage, so you only need a small hard drive, maybe a 320 or 500. If we knew what you had for a motherboard we could look further into it, but you could use Raid 0+1, but that's not that common. Also, you can't migrate into a setup like that, you'd have to start over, which you said you already have the SSD's in Raid 0.

    In your case, I'd simply add the harddrive, and set up a scheduled backup job in windows, and do it as an image, since it's only for catastrophic failure.
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