Next gfx card purchase need advice

Running on an Amd 64 x2 3ghz with an bfg tech 450w psu. I don't need to play every game on ultra high settings just a budget gamer looking for stability and performance.

Currently have a 9800GT and haven't been pleased with it.
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  1. What's your native resolution?
  2. 1600x900
  3. HD5770 is a good upgrade from your 9800GT, but i think you must upgrade the PSU as well....
    What BFG? amperage on each rails?

    That's my PSU once I have the money I will probably upgrade to a 550W but that might be awhile. I'd prefer ATI as they seem more stable.
  5. Yes, your PSU should handle HD5770 just fine... :)
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