How do you install a new disk in a raid 1 system

My SiI RAID manager is indicating that I have a problem with my RAID 1 (Mirrored) disk subsystem. One of the HDs is bad. How do I take a new replacement drive and install it so that it will be backed up from the good drive and I'm back to a mirrored subsystem?

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  1. Use cloning software to copy the contents of the good drive to the new one.
  2. You should just replace the failed drive. The raid should rebuild itself. Do you know which disk is bad?
  3. No, I don't yet. I'm running myD: as the RAID1. The SiI Management s/w is showing both drives in yellow. However, I have a bootable Seagate diag which I ran once years ago which I try to us to make that determination. Do you have a better way? I also thought I could try easter-egging it by removing one drive and see what happens. If I can still access D: I've pulled the bad one, otherwise I'll try it again with the other drive.

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