Rampage III SupremeFX X-FI2mb problems

Hey all,

I just got a new Rampage 3 Formula with the integrated SupremeFX X-Fi 2 soundcard.

I first installed the Realtek drivers in Win764, then installed the Creative drivers. I have sound, and the Realtek audio manager works fine, but when choosing any of the Creative applications (control panel, THX settings, etc) I get an error stating that "no compatible device found. Would you like to select a new one now?".

If I try to select another device, only the Realtek HD audio device is listed and it will not work.

I've un-installed and re-installed the drivers with the same issue.
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  1. I found the solution to this...use the CD that came with the motherboard to install the drivers.

    Even though I installed the correct drivers in the correct order (from download off Asus site) it seems there is something in the way the CD installs the software that allows it to function correctly.

    Mr. MM can close the thread now (no "best answer for you!")
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