Unexplained 3Gb Hard Disk Swings


I have a WinVIsta machine with a 40Gb C: drive and a 40Gb D: drive. The C: drive has gotten filled up over the years and varies from 35 Gb used to 38 Gb used. The strange thing is that the usage seems to change overnight for no apparent reason (that I am aware of.) I am the only user of the machine and have run numerous antimalware programs (Malwarebytes, AVG, Spybot, etc.) and they find nothing.

I really only use the machine for email (OUtlook and AOL browsers) and a little web research. So, I have two questions:

1. Is it normal for hard rive usage to vary by as much as 3Gb in 24 hours with no apparent reason?

2. Any suggestions as to a tool that would help me clean up the drive?

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  1. to decreace the usage of hdd because of temporary used files
    download ccleaner from this link
    then run
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