New to PC Gaming. How's my set up?

Hey everyone. I'll be honest. I'm a total newbie when it comes to PC gaming. I've been away for like 6 years and I'm just starting to learn what I've been missing. I bought a new rig, with the intention of running Crysis on Max settings in 1920 x 1080 at close to 60 fps. I figured by waiting a few years and upgrading, this would be possible. I currently get around 35-40 fps in X32 bit mode (through Steam). Does x64 really help in Windows 7? Should my hardware be performing better?

My set up is:

i7 950 3.07 Ghz Quad Core
6 gb Kingston DDR3 1800 Mhz
GTX 480 (latest driver installed 10/18)
Windows 7 64 bit
Asus PX58D-E motherboard (3 way SLI capable).
1 TB Hard drive

Thanks for any advice or help!
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  1. Your hardware is performing adequately.. Overclocking the CPU to about 4GHz might result in a little more performance gain (2 to 3 fps max i guess).. For a significant boost, add another GTX 480 in there..
  2. Thanks a lot Emperus for the input. I was planning on attempting overclocking tonight to get a boost. I'm going to use a tutorial. I hope this is posted in the right place as well. If not, my apologies. Is there any part of my set up that could use an upgrade in order to more easily accomplish my goal? I'm planning on getting a 2nd GTX 480 as you suggested. Looking for a bit of a deal first. I can't believe 3 years later and brand new hardware is still not able to run this game at 60 fps on max.
  3. Well that is the nature of the beast.. Its name rightly rhymes with 'CRISIS'.. Coming back to the topic, you've a pretty decent (should actually say the best possible single video card) hardware setup.. Other than adding another 480 in there, i don't see any other way of improving 'in game' performance.. Which PSU and case do you have.. Your PSU needs to be competent enough to handle two of those GTX 480's and a highly overclocked CPU..
  4. I have a 800 watt XtremeGear PSU (claims to be Quad SLI ready, guess it depends on what cards) and my case is a Coolermaster HAF-X Gaming Full Tower Case.
  5. The case is fine (excellent infact).. Not sure about the PSU though.. Even if it is the best, 800W is on the borderline support for handling two GTX 480's and an overclocked i7 950 (assuming full load conditions).. You'll be actually taking a risk.. You'll need to upgrade to a 1KW unit to be on the safer side.. The Corsair TX 950 should be the minimum requirement if and when you plan to add another 480 in there..
  6. why are you worried about running crysis at max settings? I wish everyone would get over crysis already.
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