$2000 build

Hi everyone!

Would just like to pick your minds about some hardware as I really haven't been keeping up to date with the whole scene as much as I used to, especially when it comes to graphics cards. So here is my situation;

-$2000 budget (for the base unit only, as I don't need a new monitor etc)
-Would like at least 1TB of storage and am open to SSD for the OS
-About 6GB of RAM
-Need good processing power for my chemical engineering apps and Matlab
-Good graphics card as I still dabble in gaming
-A decent sized case with some sensible styling ie. Lian-Li
-Blue-ray writer

Any suggestions on specific combinations of mobo/gfx/cpu and memory are much appreciated!
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  1. sigh, don't you read the "READ BEFORE POSTING" thread? Fill this out.
    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261222-31-build-advice once you do that ill help yall
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