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What means core temperature? SpeedFAN shows 122 degr.? But system is stable? What it is? :o
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  1. Core Temp? You mean CPU temp. Core temp possibly means CPU temperatures. In that case it is around 45 degrees Centigrade. Very safe.
  2. NOp, I have Biostae 775 Micro eith Cel 420
    And all 5 temperatures is in Celsium
    last 2 temperatures shows something fake???
    1. Chipset 35-45
    2. CPU 40-43
    3. HDD 34-40
    4. Core1 shows 0
    5. Core2 shows 120-122 degr.
  3. Celsius and Centigrade are interchangeable.

    The motherboard should not be showing core at all. The CORE temps really do not matter as long as your CPU temps are below 60 C.
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