RAM Speed Question with OC CPU

Hey guys. Firstly, thank you in advance for any responses.

I am building a new system and ordering it within the next hour or so. My setup looks like this:

ASUS P8P67 Revolution MOBO w/ NF100
1200W CM Modular PSU
1TB WD Cav. Black HDD
Noctura ND-D14
Win 7 Premium 64-bit
HAF 932 Case

Right now I have this RAM selected:


I chose it due to the speed, reviews, and CAS latency. However, if I wish to OC my CPU to at least 4.4ghz or so, is there a certain RAM someone would better recommend? And why?
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  1. Most ddr3 ram sticks these days are fast. overclocking youre cpu will not effect the ram, however, there is no need to overclock the cpu, its fast enough as it is. unless youre 3d HD video editing. but yes that ram will be fine.
  2. For Sandy Bridge systems like yours and mine, overclocking the CPU is completely independent of the RAM.

    If you do wish to overclock the RAM, that kit seems to do quite well in reviews.
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