Error id 1003 on new build ??

I recently put together a biostar 880gb+ with amd x3 440 and patriot 2gb (2 sticks)ddr 3
I Just got a new thermaltake power supply and the computer keeps restarting when i minimize a game or the game just turns off.
Im on windows xp for the moment to be safe
I also found this in the event viewer after the restart

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 1003
Source: System Error
Version: 5.2
Message: Error code %1, parameter1 %2, parameter2 %3, parameter3 %4, parameter4 %5.

What can it be from?
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  1. What are you saying?

    Was it working fine and then you put in a new power supply and developed issues?

    I get the impression I'm supposed to read your mind here.....

    "Im on windows xp for the moment to be safe " What does this mean? Is some other OS not safe?
  2. Sorry
    It was crashing like i mentioned just a few minutes after i would start a game. So i got a new power supply, but it is still the same thing.
    And windows 7 would crash a lot so to be sure it was not an operating system problem i installed xp pro.
  3. OK, so I have many more questions yet :p

    First, list all components.

    Is this a fresh install of Win 7? 32 bit or 64-bit?

    There are many Thermaltake PSUs. Some are complete junk, most are poor, and some are good. Which did you get?

    Please see the troubleshooting guide linked in my sig.
    From there you can download Hardware Monitor and tell me what your CPU temp is.
  4. First i did a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit
    right now im on windows xp pro sp2
    Power supply I got is Thermaltake tr2 500 watt
    I also have a gts 250 video card but i have yet to put it in the system
    I will get the hardware monitor in a moment
    The problem at the moment is say i turn on call of duty like 2-5 minutes into the game it will just turn itself off and take me to the desktop
  5. cpu temp is 40C for all 3 cores
    A thing that caught my eye is the +3.3V says 1.98 under the value min and max columns
  6. So you are playing CoD on the onboard video and it's crashing.

    Ah good old TT likes to mess with us. There are THREE Thermaltake TR2 500W PSUs.

    One is the W0379 and is junk, made by HEC

    Another is W0093/W0094 and is made by CWT... not real good either but probably better of the two. (but I think older)

    Then there is the TR2 RX 500W W0136... probably the best of them, perhaps adequate.

    You need to be careful about power supplies. Not saying this is your issue, but the thing is, I can't say that it's not. If you had a good PSU, then at least we could say "that's probably not the issue", see?
    No way to test that without swapping it out for a known good one.

    So we have a new system with Win 7 64-bit freshly installed and it's crashing to desktop in CoD and also sometimes restarting.

    First suspect is the RAM. Run a memtest from a boot disk, several hours minimum, unless you get errors real fast.
  7. Don't worry about voltage readings in any software program or BIOS. They are not reliable at all. CPU temp is fine for stock cooling at idle, so we'll ignore that for now.
  8. Thank you very much for your replies
    I am pretty sure that this $50+ power supply is plenty for just a minimum setup for now. I am trying to figure out if it is the memory or the motherboard that is causing the crashes.
  9. WOWWW
    i took one memory stick out of the computer and guess what?
    I ran cod 2 and far cry 2 without crashing for about 10-15 minutes then turned it off.
    I put both memory sticks in the computer and it crashed.
    So this time i took the other stick out and it worked again fine.
    So is it my motherboard that is messed up or the memory sticks?
  10. What memory? Specifics please. Patriot makes many different 2GB sticks.
  11. sorry its a Patriot pc3-1066 1333mhz 2gb(2X1gb) (9 9 9 24)
    ddr 3 what other specs can i give the packaging is in front of me
    For some reason the packaging when I got it was not sealed shut, is it possible the store sold me a bad one?
    I just hope its not the motherboard that would be a hassle to return
  12. There should be a model number somewhere, on the sticks. We need to look up the exact voltage required and make sure that is what the board is giving them.

    That would be the best explanation for why each stick works individually but not two at once... they aren't getting enough power.
  13. I just had far cry 2 going for 20 minutes with a single ram it worked fine
    I put the 2nd stick in 2 mins after turning it on the game just closed
  14. So it should be at least 1.5V and 9-9-9-24, at 1333.

    Fire up CPU-Z and check the SPD tab.

    Check with BOTH sticks installed and look at each stick in the SPD tab (there is a drop-down box that lets you select them).

    Make sure they are the same in the SPD tab then make sure voltage is set correctly in the BIOS. You may need to disable an auto setting to do this, then set the DRAM voltage to just over 1.5V, like 1.52V.

    See if that makes a difference. If not I'm more likely to suspect your CPU than the MB, as that is where the memory controller lives.

    Another thing you can try is placing the sticks in the OTHER set of slots.
  15. I placed the sticks in another set of slots same thing happened.
    I have cpu z and the dram freq. is 666.7
    the rest are 9 9 9 24 33 1T
    Under SPD it has the same numbers beneath the 666mhz column
  16. Well, it's good. The memory is running at the correct frequency and timings, but we still don't know about the voltage. Set it manually and see what happens.
  17. I dont think I can set the voltage manually, or can I?
    The bios has a lot of overclocking features but i didnt seem to come upon voltage settings like on my old lanparty board.
    I just put the 2nd stick back in everything seemed to be going fine for about 15 minutes then the game just turned itself off(dirt this time).
    And after that happens for some reason ie and mozzilla refuse to open. I cant open a web browser or anything else in any way the system just feels hung up but its still on the desktop.
  18. Best answer
    Page 26 of your manual.

    the BIOS tab T-series
    Where it says Overclock Navigator set it to Manual
    One of the settings now available below that should get you DRAM voltage.
    Also see the memory tester further down.
  19. I appreciate your help so much, I will try to change the voltage first thing in the morning when I get back on it.
    For some reason the computer felt much more stable after switching the sticks to a different pair of slots and setting the speed to 1333mhz manually
    It only crashed and restarted once in Dirt, and I was able to run Far Cry 2 on high settings for at least 20 minutes until i decided to turn it off.
    I did note that the video card got pretty hot and loud but that seems normal.
  20. Proximon said:
    Page 26 of your manual.

    the BIOS tab T-series
    Where it says Overclock Navigator set it to Manual
    One of the settings now available below that should get you DRAM voltage.
    Also see the memory tester further down.

    I found a menu for Voltages
    Then it said "over dram voltages" It was set to 1.61 I think
    I set it to 1.51 and saved and saved exited.
    Could that have been the problem?
    I will come back after work in about 5 hours and test it out on games and let you know.
    Thank you very much for your effort to help me fix this.
  21. I don't have this board to look for myself, but whatever that actually means I think it safe to say if the problem is not fixed you'll need to swap out parts to test beyond this point.

    It's possible the RAM is just not compatible with the board and switching would resolve the issue.

    It's possible the memory controller on the CPU is defective. Again you would need to switch it out to test.

    It's possible the board is at fault.

    Finally, it's still possible the PSU is supplying unstable power when loaded.
  22. Hi, I checked the compatible memory sticks online for my motherboard and the patriot I have is not listed.
    Can this be a reason for my problems?
  23. Memory compatibility lists do not reflect what will work or not really. They are just the memory that the company had available to test. They never even list what they tested that DIDN'T work.

    With modern boards and CPUs like this it can be a bit of a dice roll, but it's not very common for there to be an issue... like 10%.

    Usually if the RAM voltage and timings are correct it will work, just not always.

    I checked that myself yesterday ;) Just didn't want to confuse you further.
  24. After changing voltage everything seems right
    thanks i love you
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