PSU Fails at unlocking CPU?!

Hi guys,i have been wondering something....
I have AMD Phenom 550 BE
MSI 785GM-E51
2GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz
HD4200 (integrated GPU)
And i tryed unlocking the "extra" cores on this cpu but without of luck so far.
Latest Bios 2.10 and nothing OC default settings bla,bla,bla...the thing that i thought just now was,is it my power suply strong enough to boot my pc as a quad core?
What i tryed so far:
1.Setting ACC to Auto and Core unlocking to Enabled - FAIL - No Post
2.Boosting up the voltages for up to 1.4v to cpu voltage - still FAIL - No post
now the PSU apparently is some low of the lowest ones.The Blueberry 450 or even 400w PSU that comes with the case pre-installed and just to clarify the Case + PSU cost about 15 dollars (Euros).

Should he post even with this crappy psu?
I was able to overclock it to 3.8 GHz at 1.4v stable,though not sure i should leave it with unreliable PowerSuplyUnit... :(
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  1. Can you give ALL BIOS OC system feature: Memory, NB,etc...
  2. I am familiar OC and more advance stuff but when it comes to timings and voltages well we can say i am kinda a noob about it.
    So here are some info about bios.
    regular options like
    FSB Speed
    Cpu multiplier
    Ram Ratio
    Unlock CPU Core Enabled/Disabled
    Advanced Clock Calibration Disabled/Auto/All Cores/Per Core
    CPU VDD Voltage
    CPU NB VDD Voltage
    Cpu Voltage
    CPU NB Voltage
    DRAM Voltage
    NB Voltage
    HT link Voltage
    SB Voltage
    Everything is on Auto
  3. if you dont replace the PSU soon, you will learn the hard way not to buy cheap PSU's in the near future.
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