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Intel GMA X4500 vs nvidia geforce g310m

please, Intel GMA X4500 vs nvidia geforce g310m? who better....
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  1. Well the X4500 is total crap for gaming, so the G310m cant be worse. Based on the hierarchy chart it seems to be slightly better.
  2. so better g310m right? please....
    cause i want to buy a laptop LENOVO brand with spec :
    1. Intel Core i3 350M (2.26GHz, 1066 Mhz FSB, 3MB Cache)
    2. 2GB RAM DDR3
    3. 320GB SATA 5400rpm
    4. Webcam, DVD Supermulti
    5. nVidia GeForce G310M DDR3 512MB
    6. 5in1 Card Reader, Bluetooth
    7. Intel Wireless 802.11bg, 14.0" WXGA, DOS, 6-Cell Battery )
    what do you think about this sir, will be this spec could use to game...
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    Nope, not a gaming laptop, by any stretch, what games do you want to play, the 310m will play some games, depending on what you want to playy
    left 4 dead 2...
    PES 2011...

    how do you think please.....
  5. i'd probably go with the g310m, will probably be alittle better performer, i think you might be able to get by on left4 dead 2, on pretty low settings, on my inspiron 1525 i get get by only half life 2, on bare minimal settings with an x3100, so you might be able to play on medium settings on a low res, but don't expect anything stellar
  6. then please make a comparison with that my spec on this one... who better grapich for gaming

    intel pentium dual-core processore t2390 ( 1,86 Ghz, 533Mhz FSB, 1 MB L2), Mobile Intel Grapich Media Accelerator X3100, 2 GB RAM DDR2, 160 GB HDD, 14".
  7. well if you are comparing the X3100 to the X4500 and g310 both a quite a bit better, here a comparison of the synthetic benchmarks comparing my chip with the two you are looking at, show at least in the synthetic the g310 on top by quite a bit
  8. moricon tq, can give me explain about ASUS brand, what this brand is good choice or it has many complain??
  9. For gaming I would prefer to buy the slightly more expensive IdeaPad Y460 Laptop - (063346U) for $999. It has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1GB which should beat the nVidia g310m.
  10. but my budget was limited just USD 715.....

    if core i3 with nvidia g310m and upgride 8 gb ddr3 RAM is more better, right?
  11. g310m and 8gb of RAM will not beat a HD 5650.
  12. oh,, that' mean ATI better than Nvidia???
    right... and why??
  13. I see that too many people who don't have any idea of GPU performance and still talk, so i can give you a better opinion. I possess an Asus K50IE with T4400, 4Gb DDR3, G310M 512Mb DDR3 PCI-E, 320Gb Seagate Momentus, and my windows Experience Index (x64) looks like that: CPU/memory calculations 5.7/5.7, desktop performance for windows aero 4.9, gaming graphics 6.0, disk performance 5.8. Its worthy to buy a laptop equiped with g310m. Is cheap, and performance is very good, especially if you use latest nVidia drivers (not Asus) and nVidiaPerformance. You can overclock your PC, upgrading mainboards reference FSB from 200 to 221 (cpu frequency will be 2.48/core; 2.2 is stock clock), graphic card (i use overclock from stock settings to GPU 686Mhz, Gmemory 750(and can be overclocked much more but i prefere to be cautious, shader clock 1551 Mhz). The windows Experience index is measured without overclock, i use higher clocks just in gaming. The results : I PLAY SMOOTH&FAST RISEN 1366X768 TEXTURE QUALITY/VEGETATION =HIGH, ANISOTROPIC FILTERING X8 (RUNS THE SAME X16 BUT I DON'T LIKE IT), RANGE OF VIEW =MEDIUM, SHADER QUALITY =HIGH, SHADOW QUALITY=LOW. ALSO I CAN PLAY SMOOTHLY ARMA 2 OPERATION ARROWHEAD ON NORMAL (1366X768), DRAGON AGE ORIGINS 1366X768 VERY HIGH, ANISOTROPIC X16 (BUT I PREFERE X8), WORLD IN CONFLICT 1366X768 ON HIGH. Soon i will record some screenshots from games with all details and i will post on UTube, so everyone who have doubts about gaming performance of this laptop can watch.
  14. X4500 is very weak in gaming, i used this before on Lenovo G550L 3GbDDr3, it can't run Risen fluently even at 800x700 with all settings to "low". After this i had a better experience with HP DV 5 with 4GbDDR2-800, ATi HD3450 512Mb DDR2 dedicated, but still weak in gaming, (Risen was fluent only in 1024x768 on low settings), now i use Asus K50IE with G310M, it's way better, almost 4 times faster than ATI HD3450, it can represent fluently all new games on HIgh/Medium-High settings at least, no crashes, no over-heating (HD3450 was a nightmare, extreme heating after 2 hours of playing at factory stocks on cooling pad). Asus is really cold even after 5-6 hours of intensive playing in OC mode, without cooling-pad, and much more silent also. I recomend Asus for gaming, and lenovo with x4500 for its long-life battery (more than 4 hours without energy saving, display brightness 80%).
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