When writing file to external SSD it disapears right after???

When I take any file in a Win 7 Ultimate system and moves it to my external 64gb 830 SSD that is conected using USB 2 or 3 then the file gets written to the disk ok, i can watch the content of the file from the external disk. BUT when i disconect the drive and then put it right back in the file is gone. I have done the same thing using my secound machine that runs Linux and there everything works fine. I have no clue what is happening here...
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    Are you using the safe eject option? I've seen this happen in ubuntu when not using the eject drive option, and just yanking it out.

    Worth checking at least, seems like most people don't bother with doing that in Windows, but I would give it a shot.
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  3. Yes thanks that did the trick. I have never used that ever for any device and newer had a problem before. Any ide why im having problems with this device?
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