Further Radeon HD 5870 Issues

I am back once again with further problems with my 5870, possibly. I RMA'd the last card and now have the new one. It installed fine and I updated the drivers immediately. My new problem is unique, however. Whenever I start a game such as World of Warcraft, Mass Effect 2, Crysis, etc. the the screen becomes a series of bars. Either black and purple bars, or black and green bars, depending the game I'm playing. I cannot alt+tab out of it and I can't access the task manager. Basically it cripples me and forces me to do a manual restart. That being the problem I think it could also be a problem with the monitor. I turned on my sound for another attempt and noticed that when it locked up my computer again the game sound stayed on even when I had attempted to alt+tab or start the task manager.

Anyone have any similar problems? Or could someone identify for me what is causing this?

Computer Components:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Video Card: Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition
Motherboard: ASUS P55
PSU: Corsair 750TX
RAM: G.Skillz 4GB 1600MHz
CPU: Intel core i5

Basic Driver/Support Info

If you guys want a picture of my video card inside the case to see if I installed it manually correctly that shouldn't be a problem either!

Further info: I uninstalled all the drivers using the function given me by the ATI catalyst control center. I then ran the driver sweep in safe mode and eliminated all the drivers under the ATI category. I then rebooted and installed the latest and greatest for my card. Here's the link in case I messed up: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=win7/windows-7-64bit. I then rebooted and started up World of Warcraft and it turned into a series of bars that matched the color of the UI. The same happened for Crysis.

The vendor of my card is XFX. If you guys need any additional info for pinpointing my problem feel free to ask!

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Try older drivers like 10.3,10.4 or 10.5
  2. No that did not work, the same problem occurred upon starting crysis.
  3. Now i guess your card is conflicted with the motherboard...
  4. Have you tried disabling windows aero ? or run the games in compatibility mode ?
  5. I do not know what window's aero is. Do I find it when I run msconfig with the "run" option? And I do not know how to run games in compatibility mode. Could I get a step by step?

    I could look up a internet guide, but those seem to be unreliable at times.
  6. For aero,go here
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools
    And select "Adjust visual effects" from the left side,then choose "Adjust for best performance".
    For Compatibility mode,right click on the games icon and go to properties,and select the "Compatibility" tab,then put a tick in "Run this program......" and choose Windows XP.And try running the game again
  7. Yeah, it unfortunately still flickers on and off. World of Warcraft strangely enough comes back, but crysis and mass effect 2 simply just go to those colored bars and never come back!
  8. Have you OC'd anything ? if so revert back to stock speeds
  9. I have, and I have returned them back to stock speeds and even lower, the problem still persists. I believe its time to go to nVidia.
  10. Well don't you want to RMA it before switching to another card ?
  11. Are these bars vertical bars? If so, it sounds like a common problem with these cards. Generally the issue is the memory overheating (which is not monitored). I've found underclocking the memory by 50 will take care of it. It may also be that you have very poor airflow causing higher temps than normal.
  12. Yes sir the bars are vertical, and I have experimented with underclocking the memory and the GPU, but the issue continues. Yes I have also checked the air flow, I am using a HAF 922, and all my PSU's cords are pinned to the sides so the air flow, imo, is phenomenal. The card stays real cool.

    Yes I am going to RMA the card. No worries!
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