Crucial M4 or Samsung 830??

Hey im new with this SSD thing, well im new with hardware in general so
i see these reviews at newegg

about the Crucial M4 128gb and Samsung 830. They have 5 eggs both with many reviews. Which one would you suggest buying?? I play videogames!
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  1. I usually recommend the Samsung first and Crucial second. Both are good ssd's.
  2. Samsung 830 is a good deal faster (not likely to impact gaming experience at all since storage isn't really a bottleneck there and the M4 is already plenty fast for gaming). That's really the main difference.
  3. You can't go wrong either way. I have zero complaints about my Crucial M4 SSD.

    I'd recommend getting whichever is priced cheaper.
  4. ok ill stick with the M4 ty
  5. I have the M4 it is great, but get the Intel 330. You will appreciate the extra space vs 128gb M4 for about $90
  6. here in greece that intel 180gb costs 122 euros ! we dont get the same offers!
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