Dead CPU thermal sensor?

I seem to have a defunct thermal sensor and would like some advise on how to resolve the problem. HWMonitor reports idle temp at 46C / core1 42C - Core2 42C. They're stuck at these figures. The bios reports 46C as well. I've run prime95 with no resulting shift in reported temps at full load. This trouble started after I swapped out the stock Intel HSF with a Corsair H70. I used ArctiClean 1&2 to prep the CPU and used AC MX-2 thermal compound (twice). I also flashed the bios - no change. Obviously I'm concerned about a potential meltdown as I do quite a bit of CPU-intensive work. I'm aware of the inherent flaws of Intel's sensors (the CPU thermal seems to be the only one affected) but that's little consolation. Are there any alternatives short of installing my own sensor?

DualCore Intel Pentium E5300, 2600 MHz
Asus P5K SE/EPU (BIOS Version 0501)

Any input appreciated...
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  1. No changes in BIOS either? Would not be the first time third party utility would be wrong. Over 90% of computer users never check their temps, chances are that you will be fine with good cooling.
    ASUS ship Asus prope with that board?
  2. Hey rolli,

    ASUS Probe II reports the same "46°C" and continues to do so under load. Hardly surprising as it's reading from the same source as all other utilities (CoreTemp, Realtemp, AIDA64 etc...). I'm not comfortable taking chances if the sensor is incapable of even triggering a throttle to prevent the worst case scenario. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Anyone else?
  3. I see what your saying.
    You could check if there is a bad solder joint from the board to the thermistor i guess.
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