SAMSUNG Barracuda HD103SJ 3 (ST1000DM005) ?

Now this is a funny name for a drive, but found out it is ex spinpoint F3 and now seagates ST1000M005.
Is this still the same drive or it is better or worse? Any expirience with reliability, speed?
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  1. google, i'm sure somebody compared them already
  2. I have, but didn't find appropriate answer or conflicting information. I heard people have bad experiences with Seagate drives failing.

    So from the net I read: Samsung spinpoint used 1 plate and was sturdy. Seagate uses 2 plates. Than I read original spinpoint used 2 plates and the new seagate has only 1 plate. (meaning it is not the same drive). Than I read it is the same exact drive just rebranded.
    As for tests they can differ a lot from user to user, but I don't remember finding the comparison anyway. Google doesn't find anything really usefull with this models numbers.

    So I was hoping that someone here is the expert and would know what these model numbers mean. Is it still the same reliable samsung? :)
  3. Thanks, good thread. I guess it is the samsung drive. I checked firmware and is the latest samsung one...
  4. I just received one back from Seagate as an RMA for one of my HD103SJ's
    And it's exactly the same drive 2 platters 4 heads, all else is the same. The model no
    is: ST1000DM005 HD103SJ
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