Socket 940 cpu upgrade... I'm confused.

Hello, I'm hopeing that yall can help me. I have an old-ish computer. recently I have been wanting to play some more modern games on it. so I installed a video card, 2 extra gigs of ram, and a new harddrive is on the way. The specific game that I was wanting to play does work, but not flawlessly. I attribute this to the cpu. It's a single core, AMD athalon 64, 2.4ghz, 3800+. When I was installing the game it even told me that my cpu didn't meet the minimum requirements. I found out that this is my MB:
So apparently I need a Dual core, socket 940, cpu. Most of the socket 940 cpu's that I have found are AMD opteron's. That isn't listed in the compatible cpu's in the MB description. Do you think that it's compatible anyways? also I've found that some of the Server CPU Opterons (like this one):

are cheaper than the desktop versions (like this one)

So can I use a server cpu instead of a desktop cpu? how will that affect preformance?

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  1. It looks to me that it is socket AM2 since it supports DDR2 ram.
  2. Some clarification is in order.

    There was a "Socket 940" that was only for server based Opterons.

    Later, AMD came up with the "AM2" socket which also has 940 pins. They called it "AM2" instead of "Socket 940" because it is not compatible with socket 940 processors.

    In short, you need an AM2 processor, not a "Socket 940" processor.
  3. ^+1

    That would be a very nice upgrade from a single core 3800+.
  4. Ohhh. ok Thanks! I just assumed that because it said socket 940 on the MB description that's what it was. ok so great. I don't doubt that that would be a great upgrade but I've already dumped $170 in upgrades and would like to get something cheaper. Can I get your oppinion on these 2 cpu's?
  5. Get the ebay processor. If it is below 45 bucks, then get it, if not... I do not know, as there are no other NEW processor options. Just keep searching around on ebay, I am sure you will find the right price.
  6. It is possible that your motherboard supports AM2+ CPU like the 7850 but not guarantied. The AM2 5400+ from ebay will still be a great upgrade.
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