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So I just got a new 7200 RPM WD HDD with a 64 MB cache and wanted to clone windows 7 over to it, well it turns out it doesn't work for some reason it brings me to the acronis (the program WD give you to clone a hard drive) BIOS and then i see a window pop up but before I can do anything windows starts for some reason. so as a work around I created a backup of windows on the drive I want to clone and then backed it up to the drive I want to send it to but then when I go to the BIOS and set it so it boots off the new drive it says BOOT MGR not found so I have to go backa nd select windows boot or whatever : / any solutions would be appreciated
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  1. It's a simple process. Download the manual from here.
  2. Hawkeye22 said:
    It's a simple process. Download the manual from here.

    I just read everything in the manual about drive cloning and backup recovery and it doesn't offer any solutions to my problem. If anyone has any idea how I can get the HD to actually clone over without skipping the acronis BIOS or finding a solution to the BOOT MGR is not found problem I'm having I would appreciate it. I tried googling it and others have had the same problem but from what I've seen most of them had a USB or external HD plugged into their PC and that is what was causing their issues, but I don't have any USB or external HDs plugged into my PC.
  3. If you are having problems with it, try different software like clonezilla.
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