My pc dvd writer is reading only dvds and not vcd &cd ?

my pc's LG DVD writer is reading only dvd's and not able to read vcd's and cd's ...pls help me ?
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  1. Likely the laser for the cd is not working properly, very little you can do other then replacing the drive. CD's and DVD's are read by different lasers, and it's fairly common for one of them to stop working while the other one continues working normally.
  2. i had a similar problem recently with a dell laptop, and after arguing with a CS rep for ages, he finally gave me a solution (which may or may not help!).

    try this Microsoft KB

    Be careful because your playing around with the windows registry, but if you follow the exact instructions, you'll be just fine.

    On the downside, you may have to re-install apps tht use the drive for functionality for those apps.

    Hope that helps.

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