Rate my Rig?

O/S: Win7 pro
HDD: Seagate 16mb cache sata2 500GB.
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 DDR3 (2x2 GB)
PSU: 750 Watt Corsair (I think was the brand)
GPU: 5850 Sapphire
Case: CoolerMaster Haf 922
Mobo: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H
Mouse: Logitech g500
KeyBoard: Standard wired.
Screen: Samsung 2333HD (23'' 1920x1080 native)
Optical Drives: Lite:On DVD/CD superMulti
Lite:On Blu-ray ROM- DVD/CD supermulti

Cost ~ 950. (without monitor, got the monitor 2 years back for my 360)

Biggest screw up? Imo a sata2 HDD though I have sata3 support.
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  2. 6.8/10. Good. Game on!
  3. No probs, You can connect SATA 2 into SATA 3...it is just...the speed will be SATA 2.

    BTW : make sure your win 7 pro is the x64 version, so that you can use your RAM to the fulllest.

    Your system is good to go.
    And if you have extra money, get an SSD (OCZ Vertex 2 or Crucial C300), but you can add an SSD anytime later.
  4. I was thinking when I do go SSD I would like to get 2 in Raid0 for my boot/game installations. Though I am not sure on the availability or cost effectiveness of Sata 3 SDD vs Sata 2 (In SSD)

    I get about a 2025 second boot time now with that 7200 RPM HDD in sata 2. Would like to see how low I could get it with two SSDs in Raid 0 though. :)
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