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Hi I have been getting horizontal artifacts on my new build for awhile now. At first it was just a little bit here and there on cs source when id be playing for awhile but then summer came along and these artifacts are everywhere now. Sometimes it will artifact so hard that my monitor will just shut off for a few seconds and then come back on presumably because its receiving no signal. I was able to deal with it at first but now its happening much more and worse, even on web pages and my desktop background. Who knows if Ive even be able to run a current game.

The card im using is a 9800gt. nortorious for heat issues i know but the curious thing is I got so fed up that I switched back in my old vid card an 8650gt. But the artifacts persist. They even seem worse. So the vid card isnt the issue. I switched PCI-e 6 slots as well and nothing.

The only other thing i did was move the RAM around and try to underclock a little but nothing works. Could it be my monitor is going? Im all out of ideas. a pic is below

Anyways the rest of my specs are
Gigabyte 790xt-udp4
amd phenom II x4
2x2gb GSkill F3-10666CL8D-4GBHK
WD 750 HD if it matters
ega 9800gt /ega 8650gt

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  1. Sounds like a driver issue if both cards are artifacting. Try this :

    Download driversweeper :


    Download the latest Nvidia driver for your 9800GT and save to desktop. Run driversweeper and remove anything that has to do with Nvidia. Reboot and run driversweeper again, if no files are found install the new driver and you should be good to go.

    keep us posted..
  2. did what you suggested. driversweeper was acting strange. it took many reboots to get all the files clean plus a run in safe mode. i had all these random ati display files when ive never had an ati card. is this leading to a virus of some sort now? plus there were two nvidia ones that simply refused to be removed by drivesweeper, is this of any concern? anyways i got rid of those ati files thankfully but my problem still isnt solved.

    thanks for the idea, looking for any other possibilities
  3. You must have leftover driver files that were not properly removed in the past. You will need to remove all those unwanted files before you install a fresh driver.
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