Best card for my setup

Hello I'm having trouble finding the best video card for my rig and my budget.

I only have approx $140 to upgrade from my older Geforce 9600GT, that has done me very well over the past year or 2.
However I am kinda leaning in the direction of ATI this time but i will not turn down a Nvidia.

My setup:
Win Xp (planning on upgrading Win 7 for Direct X 10 or 11)
4gb Ram
MSI 770-G45
Liquid cooling
AMD phenom II x4 3.2Ghz Black edition
Geforce 9600 GT 512mb

My question is what card either ATI or Nvidia will give me the best performance in games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Crysis, Armed Assault II, GTA IV.

This card must also stand up to upcoming graphically intesive games aswell.
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  1. You may find a 5770 for $140...
  2. can we get your screen resolution?
  3. DEFINATELY 5770... i've seen them around for $140 after rebates
  4. ^+1 Agree!

    XFX Radeon HD 5770 1024MB DDR5 PCIe.

    Try to get the reference model number 577A, it vents air out the back of a PCI slot (not egg shaped).

    XFX offers a double lifetime warranty, so if you sell it, the buyer is covered, too.
  5. Can we find out about the power supply do you plan to keep XP 32 bit its already bottle necking you. Might want to look in to upgrading. The reason I ask is with a 5xxx it has dx 11 that you cant use and for the same price range you could get a 4XXX card. However its hard to say what would be best unless we know what your power supply can handle.
  6. I plan on getting windows 7 ASAP after i purchase my new Video Card, My PSU is 700W or 750W can't remember. Ill probably play Stalker mainly in 1680x1050, Is this the card you where talking about?

    The only thing i don't know about is the fact that my 9600GT memory clock is higher ~1800mhz and the memory interface is 128bit, or does the core clock and stream processors really make up for it?

    Also what about these MSI cards their specs are almost too good to be true, and info on these aswell?
  7. I'm using the third one and am really happy with it, although its a bit big on size! It depends on what resolution you intend to play on. Plus, you can oc it really easily. However, it doesn't support DirectX11, so that's one thing you're gonna have to consider.
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