Can't get Mics to work.

I give up so im asking for help. I can't get a mic to work on my new computer. Sound Does work.
Board- Asrock 870 Extreme 3, geforce 8800 gtx, amd phenon x2, 4gigs ram(2x2).

Tried both Front and Back Mic panels. Sound works for both front and back panels.
I tested the mic in all cases using Recording Device settings, (watching the level indicator), and ventrillo. I tested using 2 different headsets that both work on another computer. I tested in Windows 7 64 bit , windows 7 32 bit, and in Ubuntu. Sound worked in all cases but no mic. Latest direct x, tried tons of other drivers chipset for example, tried a bunch of BIOS options and updated to latest bios. Tried disabling the onboard audio in bios, tried disabling / unplugging the front panel audio, tried disabling and enabling every recording device in the audio manager, tried to Mic boost / mic boost +30, tried listening to it, tried changing the sampling rate, tried raising its volume / muting it / unmuting. Tried removing one of my 2, 2 gig ram sticks, tried changing their slots.

I tried Three different drivers the autoinstalled ones from windows 7 64x, then the ones from the Asrock Cd, and then the latest ones from realtek website.

Second I took the soundcard from my old computer (which works), creative live gamer, latest drivers from website, hooked up front panel, sound works mic levels wont move.

For a third and final attempt i bought a USB headset adaptor, and again the sound worked but not the mic. Anyone any ideas? im so stuck.
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  1. My only though is a bad mic (you only tested the one?). This would explain why no combination of hardware and OS would make it work.

    USB audio is a tricky beast, because it is NOT processed by your sound card, it is processed by the hardware in the headset itself, then interpreted by the OS as a secondary audio device. Therefore, you would need to make sure that Windows/Whatever is using your USB headset adapter as the default audio input (somewhere in the control panel I'm sure).

    Still though, the microphone is bad, I'm almost certain of that. Are you using some sort of commercial microphone, i.e. one not designed for computers? It's possible the output signal of the microphone is incompatible with the traditional analog input signals expected by your motherboard, soundcard, and USB headset adapter.
  2. Agree with hellwing; if teh bars in the Control Panel aren't even going off, then teh audio isn't being detected by the OS. Considering three different audio solutions aren't working, I'm leaning toward a problem with the Microphone, not the computer.
  3. I didn't see you say that you actually un-muted the mic. Do you know someone with a a working mic setup tha tyou could try theirs or try yours in their setup?
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