Old mobo drivers affect display?

hey everyone, i recently bought a new MSI 870 G45 mobo with an AMD phenom 2x 4 955 3.2 GHz with 4 Gb of ram. I had installed everything in and the pc booted up perfectly, no noises, no beeps, just fine, but the screen reads no display that connects to the 9800GTX+ by DVI to DVI which i reseated and the light and fans are running so i assumed that was fine, reseated the ram and that didnt do anything... so with research on forums i feel as if it is the old drivers in the HDD hard drive im CURRENTLY using, but i cant access the bios, windows or anything, PLEASE note that this chipset doesnt have a VGA port so im stuck... if anyone has any ideas on what i could do at this point please help :( :cry:
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  1. It could be a DVI lag issue too wherein the monitor does not syncs up with the video card. I too face that problem sometimes with my HD 4870 and the BenQ 22" display when using DVI. Overtime I have learned to switch on the system first and then switch on the monitor after few seconds (say 5 seconds). That works for me. You too can try it.
  2. More than likely, it has nothing to do with drivers if you're not getting any video at boot (Before the O/S loads) If Emperus's suggestion does not suffice (Had a similar problem myself with an AIWx800/two monitors) May I suggest trying another video card if available? Also, if your monitor has a VGA cable/port you should be able to plug that into your video card, provided you can manage getting your hands on a DVI to VGA adapter (Google, or you should be able to get one at your local computer shop, usually pretty cheap)
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