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I am embarking on building my first computer as I have discovered I've been buying crap pc's in my A+ course. I am confident in my ability to construct but not so much to pick on choose the components. I am looking for some feedback on the motherboard/cpu I should choose. I want it to be FAST. I multi task heavily on my computer and don't have patience to wait on it. A starting point would be wonderful.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. It all depends on your budget. Could go with a quad core AMD 955, 965, or 970 or an AMD phenom X6. Or go with one of the intel i7s, which are pricier. Check out my new page: I have some information there, can help you choose a good combo
  2. I know a few things for sure. I want micro atx, simply because space is always an issue. I want an intel processor; amd has made me weary in the recent past and intel seems to be more reliable. I'm shooting for 600-700 price range. A blu-ray would be nice. but not a high priority.

    I always had a question that this might not be in the right catagory for but I've heard talk about solid state hard drives and was wondering what the advantages were and if there's compatibility issues
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