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First off, I am a fan of AMD cpu's due to financial reasons. However, I must now build a file server for a small business and was wondering if anyone has factual data to support using an Intel processor over an AMD. I realize most of us have our opinions and prejudices, but is there concrete tests which demonstrate one brand over another? Also, is there data that supports a certain type of processor (Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, i5, i7) that is more stable than other designs? I appreciate any advice. Thanks. :hello:
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  1. What software exactly? Both toms and anandtech have extensive reviews of all major processors under articles.

    In general, outside gaming, the i7's easily beat AMD cpu's.
  2. If it's just sharing files (glorified NAS) though, the processing overhead will be pretty low. Any triple or quad-core would be more than enough power.

    If it's going to be running a database 24/7, then you would want to get the beefiest processor you can afford.
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