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Hey all,

Tech student trying to turn enthusiast here, got a few internal harddrives that I'd like to throw into my PC to play around with RAID. My question here is within my PC theres only enough connectors to suite a single harddrive, I'm assuming I can get adapters that hook into the empty SATA connectors to accomidate extra equipment? Or does the powersupply have to come as is with enough connectors to suite multiple harddrives? Any help is appreciated.

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  1. How many drives are you planning to install ?
    And what RAID array do you intend to use ?

    I would also check the PSU for enough Watts, and amps on the 12v rail.

    In answer to the question about power to the Sata drives yes you can buy molex to Sata power plug cables.

  2. Are the drives all the same size?
  3. Just 3, uhh Raid 0 I guess. Kind of just linking a few PCs, pimping them out then seeing what I can do with them all. lol Waste of personal time but good practice I guess, by the way thanks man was just what I was looking for.
  4. jsc said:
    Are the drives all the same size?

    2 250 GBs and a 500GB, all other specifications are matching however--including manufacturer brands.
  5. You'd only be able to use the first 250GB of the 500GB drive if you're RAIDing

    SPANning the drive won't be an issue though, but you get none of the benefits of RAID.
  6. he could stripe the two 250's and then mirror the 500 to those. Depending on the technology of the drives, the 500 might be fast enough to keep up with the mirror.

    hows that for homework? hehehehe.
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