Weird problem with i7


my system is.....

mobo:gigabyte X58A UD3R (rev 2.0) bios ver: FB

CPU: intel core i7 930

GPU: ATI Radeon hd 5850 (ccc 10.7)

memory: 3*2gb ddr3...running on triple channel mode

psu :thermaltake 550 watt TR2 RX w0134

HDD: 1tb wd caviar black and 250gb hitachi

monitor : asus 21.5" MS228H

problem is......

after installing windows 7 64 bit .... all are running good.... bt info says 6gb ram (4gb usable).....after updating bios to "fb" version that problem is solved ..... now 6gb of 6gb.......when i was installing nero it shows that the file is corrupt.....after that problem i installed windows 7 x64 again and i installed nero, assassin's creed II.nfs shift,batman arkham sylum without n e problem.... when i was installing modern warfare2 it shows file is corrupted (this same mw2 is installed my laptop without n e trouble).....even a blue screen occur when i was copying mw2 files drom virtual rom.... i thought that was a windows prob so i made clean windows 7 installation ..... after that i was installing "assassin's creed II " it shows "crc error"...... i'm 100% sure that my file is ok...after that i installed windows 7 x64 again and install assassins creed II without problem...and the games that were listed above.... but not "mw2" and "GTA 4" says "your system is incompatible with %P" ........ thats why i cant install gta 4...... then i downloaded 3 rar file of mw2.... whenever i extract those 3 files i got crc errors...(win rar 3.9) i can extract that mw2 rar files in my laptop n one of my frnd's there is no problem with file..... i have no problems in extraction except that mw2 rar........ is there n e problem with my hardware?

plz help me out!!!!!!!!

[PS: sorry if i put this thread in wrong category]
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  1. Quote:
    Buy original games.Cyclic redundancy check(CRC) error happens when your pc cannot read the disks.Your laptop may read it but that doesn't means pc can also do the same.It depends upon the Dvd drive your pc is using.Close the thread before a mod locks it.
    CRC can also happen if the rar file is corrupt.Which is very common if you download from torrent.

    so there is no problem with my hardware?
  2. Quote:

    99.9% agree but I've had CRC errors caused by a faulty optical drive before - lens and arm started coming out of alignment and was misreading everything.

    But it's sounding like you're downloading dodgy torrentz so I'd also suggest you lock up this thread before you get dumped.
  3. now things r changed ....CRC error ....... when extracting anything..n blue screen.........i think its a ram problem......or the ram slots?
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