Can a AGP card be attached to an asus M2N68-AM PLUS MOTHER BOARD

i want to know whether a AGP card(geforce fx 5500) be attached to an asus M2N68-AM PLUS MOTHER BOARD. Pls help me
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  1. No. You need a PCI card or a PCI Express x16 card. An AGP card is a thing of the past on newer motherboards.
  2. No. Besides, the IGP on that board is better in some ways than a crappy fx 5500. For one, the IGP on your board is an nVidia Geforce 7025 which supports shader model 3.0 while the 5500 is only 2.0. The 7025 has more advanced and more efficient pixle and vertex shaders compared to the 5500. The fill rate is also comparable since the 7025 has a higher clock speed.
  3. Really the 5500 only wins on memory bandwidth, but both solutions are so slow for modern games I doubt you would appreciate if one is marginally faster than the other even if you could put the 5500 on your board :p
  4. dnx guys... Could u also help me by telling which is the best 1GB graphics card dat i can put on my motherboard?
  5. Easy, a Radeon 6950 1GB. Of course assuming you don't want to spend that much you could just go with an nVidia GTS 450 or Radeon 5770/6770 for a little over $100. What's your budget and what CPU do you have?
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