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Hi guys, I've spent a while searching through the web for a solution to my issue, but cannot find one since my setup isn't all that common. So Ive decided to post here.

To get audio from my home theatre system from my pc through a HDMI connection (for surround sound).

Related hardware:
XFX HD 5850 running at 2560x1600
OS: Windows 7
Receiver: Yamaha RX-V467
Connection: I connected a HDMI cable from the HD5850's HDMI out to the receiver's HDMI IN

Neither windows or the receiver can detect the HDMI connect while windows is running.

Some facts I've observed that could be of use to solving my issue:
The receiver detected the HDMI signal when I start the computer up (while it's booting up), as soon as it hits the windows 7 loading screen (I guess that's already set at 2560x1600) the connection drops out. I suspect the resolution could be an issue, I confirmed that with Yamaha. The receiver is only capable of reading video signals at 1080p (1920x1080), therefore explains why the HDMI signal drops out as soon as windows starts loading.

I came up with 3 possible solutions (which I ain't sure will work or not, I want to make sure these solutions will solve my issue before investing money on it).
- Find a way to have the graphics card transmit only audio signals through the HDMI port (Not sure if this is possible)
- Find a way to configure the receiver to only receive audio signals through the HDMI port (Not sure if this is possible also)
- Get a soundcard (which hopefully does not transmit video signals to the receiver) that has an HDMI port i.e. ASUS HDAV 1.3 Deluxe (but that's quite expensive!)

Can anyone help me here?
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  1. I managed to get windows to detect the HDMI signal by duplicating my main monitor's display with the receiver (which windows detected under display settings). But this in-turn forced me to lower my resolution from 2560x1600 to 1920x1080 which isn't ideal. Besides, doing that will prevent the use of my second monitor connected to my pc (gx cards generally supports up to 2 monitors). I guess I will have to forget about HDMI and use a TOSLINK cable. I will lose out on HD audio with that setup, but I guess I can switch over to HDMI mode when I watch blue-ray dvds :(
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