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Multitasking..... Multi-core CPU or no?

So I just learned the fact that not all programs are parallelizable (if thats the word), meaning, obviously, that a multi-core cpu is not gonna do me much good, right? Or am I misunderstanding? Because I know (or at least I think) that multiple cores will help with multitasking, which is what I do a lot on my computer, and I plan to build my first build custom to my needs. I wanna multitask (moderately, not too heavy, just 2 or 3 processes at once) so with that in mind, should I look for multiple cores or just a fast single?
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  1. --a fast dual-core should work well for you

    With multiple applications open (and massive tabs when browsing) extra RAMs will be of great benefit, as well as a fast HDD. Video transcoding will work best with a quad-core (and multiple HDDs).

    Do you have a budget? A preference as to processor and/or video card? Will you be gaming? Will you purchase online?

    We like to spend your money :)
  2. well ya my sort of budget/ballpark im hoping for is $750 USD (but I'll buy a piece at a time, so I guess it could be more).

    The processor is what I'm searching for (AMD, not intel), no video card preference (integrated to save money, but I'd be willing to save for a dedicated) and I will be gaming, but not heavily. Just a bunch of emulators, and I hope to do a little WOW every once in a while. And I probably will buy the components online, but I'll see what I can find first. I'm just wondering if my CPU should be multi-core or not (if so, dual, triple, or quad? but probably just a dual, you're thinking?)
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    For your budget, dual core would be best and getting a dedicated card generally always better than relying on integrated for playing games. If you can squeeze some money for a tri-core then I would do so.

    I've read an article about the benefits of multicore for games. Basically all games will take advatange of dual core processors. There are some games that will take advatange of a 3rd core, but I think the performance gain is around 12% vs. a dual core CPU.

    There are no games that truly take advantage of quad core with the exception of poorly coded games like GTA IV. Having said that, games that can truly take advantage of quad core CPUs will probably be coming out in 2012.
  4. well, I don't plan on playing any really modern games, really, just a lot of emulators for like n64 and gameboy and random old old stuff like that. the most demanding game I'll do is WOW (occasionally, only like twice a week) so do most emulators utilize a third core, or will two suffice?
  5. ok... well if i have the money ill keep it in mind, thanks :)
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  7. Wow plays fine on an integrated 4200/4250HD with reduced graphics settings. My HTPC build has it but one with dedicated 128MB of video ram; 3gb ram, tri-core Athlon II 445.
    Found it:
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