Biostar 4650 ddr3 overclock

I have this card:

One review claims its actually an underclocked 4670 which makes sense because they sell a 4670 which looks exactly the same.

Whats the best/safest way to overclock this. Catalyst overdrive only lets me get to 620mhz on the gpu and 930 on the memory but the 4670 is a lot higher right?

I don't want to blow up the card though so if this is in any way "pushing it" I don't wanna bother.
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  1. No one has any advice on this?
  2. You're right, don't push that card so hard, raise it's clock slowly and check it's temps...
    HD4650 ddr3 is a low end gaming card, so when it's reached the limit then there's nothing you can do about that, buy a higher card is better... :)
  3. Overdrive is alright for a mild overclock. Use something like Rivatuner for a real OC. Keep an eye on temps like wa1 said but there's no reason to think you will "blow up" the card.
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