Critic my cheap SCII comp build

Hey, I'm trying to build a computer for the sole purpose of being able to play SC II at a decent graphics setting. Don't really wanna go over $600 I have a few parts.

Please critic this build:

CPU - I3-530 - $100
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB - $50
RAM - 2x2gb Patriot DDR3 1333 - $90
CD - Undecided - $25
Motherboard - Undecided - $125
Win 7 - $130

PSU - 600W - Already Own
Video Card - Radeon HD4850 1 gig - Already Own
Case - ATX - Already Own

Total = $520
Tax = $592

Please let me know if there is any major bottlenecks or anything I should be aware of.
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  2. Any thoughts? Anything should be replaced?
  3. It looks fine, though me personally, I would actually go with AMD for the RANA x3 440 - $76 and an AMD board.
    This board is $110 after rebate and also allows Crossfire in case you ever need it

    The i3 is a nice CPU, but in this day and age I prefer to stick with at least 3 cores on my CPU. The AMD has the added bonus that you can easily upgrade it in future if another game you like comes out which require more power.

    I would also change the RAM to G SKill Ripjaws as they are faster and I like G Skill a lot, they will cost $105, but this is personal preference.

    In terms of what you want it to do, your system will play SC2 fine
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