Help! My hard drive is F*cked. SUPER SLOW and unresponsive

My western Digital (or hitachi? i cant check for i cant open the case, it will void my warranty) is VERY slow.
Windows 7 takes a good 2-3 minutes to start up, and i experience various problems.
For example, while using the computer, everything takes a LONG time to load. By long i mean 30-40 seconds. If i by chance click 3 programs to load at once, i.e control panel, task manager, firefox, all 3 would take 30-40 seconds to fire up a window, but when they do, they fire up all at the same time. It happens no matter how many programs i open.

Also, everything i click is automatically not responsive. I.e, i have Aim open. I either click a name, scroll down by clicking, or just click anywhere on the program, it would not respond, leaving my mouse icon to forever be a Index-finger-pointing-hand until the program responds. Then, 10-15 seconds later, the same thing happens.
I click the start menu. It will highlight the button, and it will remain highlighted but the start menu never pops up. my mouse is forever remaining a pointer, and as i hover it over icons on the taskbar (quicklaunch icons), it wouldn't even highlight them. If i click anywhere on the taskbar OR the desktop, the taskbar AND the desktop will BOTH not respond. If i get lucky, it will respond 10 minutes later.

Usually, i dont get lucky. If this happens, my whole screen's tinted white, as if it was not responding, and my mouse turns into a forever revolving blue circle icon. I can click nothing, highlight nothing. the only thing i can do is move my mouse around. Ctrl + alt + del wont work, Alt+tab wont work. It is now a brick until i HARD SHUT DOWN by holding the button.

The not responding thing happens to EVERY program. Firefox (which takes 60 seconds to actually open a window), for example, will load 1 page and when its finished, i cant hover my mouse over anything to highlight it, and if i click anywhere, it will turn into a revolving blue circle. Same with every browser and program i open.

Why have i narrowed it down to a Hard drive problem?
Despite these symptoms i've named, for they could be due to my processor or RAM:

1. I use Advanced system care 6 to see my usage with a corner window. It will show me my CPU usage, my hard drive, my Ram, and network. CPU usage capped at 50-60 at one point and one point only, which means my processor shouldnt be problem. However, my hard drive usage CONSTANTLY remained at 0%-3% and suddenyl spikes to 100%, for a second, then back to 0, then back to 100, back to 0, and then remains at 0 until it spikes again from 70-100. This is NOT normal. I see this happening while the programs not respond or while im waiting for them to respond (which is basically ALL i do now).

2. I had to Hard Restart 10-15 times in the past 2 weeks because of a USB, motherboard problem i wasnt able to fix This mightve damaged the hard drive.

3. I scanned my computer with Advanced system care and my BitDefender 2012 anti virus before the problem happened. Both scans took under 60 minutes to perform at full scans, and Advanced system care somtimes took 30 minutes to finish. RECENTLY, however, BitDefender has taking over 5 hours to scan my hard drive, and Advanced system care would be stuck at 3% for 1 hr, and be stuck at 6% for another hour. I tried doing a disk scan and defrag, this took SO long over 3 hours and didnt even pass 10%, so i stopped it. It MUST lead to the HDD.

I run
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel i7-2600k Quad core with hyperthreading.
8 GB cheap quality Dell provided Ram

I have not made any hardware changes.
SOrry for wall of text. If you actually read everything thank you SO much.
I need you guys to confirm it was my hard drive, and give me Why and How and What and Where its causing.
My last solution is calling Dell for warranty. Thank you!
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  1. reset cmos to set things back to "normal" ( bios ).

    reboot into safe mode /msconfig/shut down everything ( programs ) that are running ( sans Windows ) ( all YOUR apps/windows update/driver updates ) stop all programs from auto updating

    run online anti virus scan. maybe kaperski or some other.

    bit defender and iobit are junk.
  2. iobit is but not Bitdefender.
  3. are you SURE opening your case with void your warranty? do they have stickers there to scare you? before you send it back you'll need another hard drive to back it up

    i do question some of your techniques and programs and won't be surprised if it was a "software" error
  4. What's Cmos?
    And yes there are stickers that scare the living sh*t outta me.
    Its unbelivably slow, i wanna break it for warranty.
    Thinking of wiping my hard drive clean. Nothing important on there anyway.

    And yes, i will indeed boot into safe mode and ill tell u the results
  5. running kaspersky as we speak, 2 hours in, 2 minor threats detected.
    Iobit found trojan.win32/agent and was stuck on it, so maybe thats a problem.

    Anyhow, the hard drive works a lot better in safe mode, there was the occasional not responding thing that resolved itself in 5 minutes.
  6. - Just for kicks check to make sure you system has not lost its configuration for its RAM. That is you have 8 Gb but the BIOS thinks you have 1Gb. You could just cold boot and watch the RAM count or enter the BIOS to take a look.

    failing that, boot into windows and run eventvwr.exe and look for errors reported by the disk subsystem. source = disk
  7. You can check your hard disk's SMART attributes. Speedfan comes to mind, although there are better programs for this. Hit us up with an online analysis from Speedfan to see what's up.
  8. If there's nothing important on it, reinstall Windows or restore it back to factory state. If your hard drive is failing then you'll still have the problems. If everything works proprerly afterwards, then it was a software issue.
  9. Go to you manufacture of your hard drive web site and download their hard drive diagnostic software. This will test your hard drive. I don't think that there is anything wrong with your hard drive and that a clean install of your operating system will fix it.
  10. Could we see a HD Tune read benchmark graph? I suspect that the drive may be running in PIO mode, in which case the graph will be a flat line.
  11. So you found some viruses like I thought, at the end of the day you may need to wipe everything to be sure

    fzabkar: good idea, random PIO mode and it's problems.

    This whole thing is pain without opening the case. Just send it back, or f*ck the warranty, based on your level of expertise. In the end they'll probably just reimage your hard drive (format with factor settings) and send it back to you. And same as if you did it yourself, probably solved.
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