What is Windows 7 "branded"?

I put in my order for the hardware last night so now I'm ordering win7.

Not exactly a hardware question but it's a new build. Hope you guys can help :)

I'm looking at this "branded" version of Windows 7 64-bit home for $75.


GFC 00599 is the normal product number for the $99 version. This one is GFC 00599-brd

The website selling it is not that clear in the video, or maybe I'm just not understanding something correctly.

I can't seem to find much about branding online and what I do find may not apply to this.
Is this just a version with optional HP logos and things like that?

The bigger question is will it work on a computer I'm building and also not ad it up.

Anyone seen this before? It's new to me.
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  1. Not sure what branded means in regards to windows, but the prices on versions of windows are pretty fixed so i find it strange that they are able to sell it for $25 less. In this case branded seems like it might mean bootlegged, but after watching the video it seems like it wont work on any non OEM machine because he says that it will allow a clean install on any branded PC, so im guessing if your motherboard doesnt report being a Dell or an HP it might not work.
  2. Does anybody know what Branded means?

    Branded versions are being sold by presumably reputable companies like DiscountMountain
    1 866 641-2563 M-F 9-5MST

    Therefore, I hardly think branded means bootlegged, and speculating as much is bordering on unethical and tantamount to defamation.
  3. I am also very interested in this.

    Buying parts for a budget build, yet Windows is counting for about 1/4 of the cost.
    Is it a safer bet to just go with an $99 OEM Windows 7 on Newegg, or is saving the additional $20 worth it?
  4. to the best of my understanding from what i can tell Branded software means exactly that it is branded for a specific purpose such as if u bought a new dell computer the windows included with it is not just oem its also branded for dell computers.

    Places like discount mountain use loopholes to bypass that such as if it rejects the software online during registration then a lot of times you can get it to go through over the phone. im putting together a new comp myself and i dont feel like the risk or the hassle if your going to actually buy windows instead of doing like those that get a hacked version id get the real deal and not some hp or dell disc that "fell" into the trash or however they go about acquiring them.
  5. Looks like this is OEM based on the site "This product will be branded HP, Dell, etc. but will do a FULL install on any brand computer and includes a DVD and COA. "

    So you are buying HP, DELL etc. OEM Win 7 that they are saying will install regardless. You might have to jump on the phone with MS to register these if the online registration doesn't fly. They are looking for the OEM hardware by default.
  6. Branded software will have a HP or Dell logo on the disc, but you can install it on any Windows based computer. It is the same as the regular OEM as far as packaging and functionality.
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