Dead Seagate..? (They say don't shake the baby...)

The computer I built for my girlfriend has a 1TB Seagate (Should've been my clue) in it. One day she goes on vacation and shuts the computer down. She comes back home, turns the computer on and gets an error message from the EFI about being unable to find the hard drive. She calls me, and I determine the drive is probably dead. Next time I see the computer (about two days later) I open it and turn it on to see if I can hear the scariest of hard drive noises, and all I hear is what sounds like a motor struggling to spin up. On a whim I spin/jerk the drive in the direction of the rotation, and what do you know, it spins up and works perfectly fine. Passes every diagnostic I throw at it, so for cost-saving sake we decide not to replace the drive. (The computer was built during the "crisis", so we recycled a drive from another build.) The other day same thing happens, same fix. We are going to go ahead and replace the drive at this point, but does anybody have any clue about this?! I've seen a lot of crazy failures/psudo-failures, but this takes the cake for me.
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  1. sounds like whatever was stuck was unstuck, lucky for you, now get a new drive now! (:
  2. It sounds like a stiction fault (heads stuck to platters), or perhaps the spindle bearing is on its way out.
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