I have an ATI 5870 and a Intel 5500 I'm too slow in World at War (COD5) should I buy an AMD 965 BE or a 10xx series processor to keep up with the jones?
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  1. Intel Core 2 6600 2.40GHz
  2. Fraps is all over the place.... during intense battles 3 when I'm running bymyself 60fps

    im set to 1440x900
  3. Your rig is vastly better than mine and only had a very small jitter in one or two SP spots, none in MP. I ran at max settings on 16x10 resolution. Something must be off if you are getting noticeable low fps, 60 you will not see any slow down.
  4. Ok now it's holding at 40....
  5. Come on guys I really needed an excuse to buy a new CPU and mother board... you guy are not helping !!! ;>

    I reduced the res to 1280 by 800 and I'm able to keep up now.

    My question still is : will I see a noticeable difference if I buy an AMD 965 at 3.4GHz ?
  6. Holding at 40 fps should get you a smooth gaming experience, not sure what you mean by keeping up, you won't notice a difference if its 40 or 140 fps. I ran that game max on a FX-60 @2.8 and 3870 at 1680x1050 smooth (no AA didn't need to), still thinking something is a miss here. Unless its just that your server cpu just doesn't like to game then sell it and buy a 930 or something. Could at least give overclocking a try first.
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