Sandy Bridge Motherboard with more than 4 Mem Slots?

Hey all, i built an x58 desktop and had to rma both mobo and cpu.

theyre on there way back to me and got to thinking about maybe changing everything up and going sandy bridge since the rma's are new in box and will be easily sellable.

I searched for a 1155 mobo with more than four memory slots and didnt really come up with much,is it too soon? Being a newbie to Diy,i really dont know alot about mobo's and stuff.

Is there an 1155 config that has more than four? Will there be?
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  1. The X58 has 6 slots to support triple-channel memory, but since the 1155 only supports dual-channel memory, 4 slots are enough.
  2. I guess my concern is,that i want to buy sandy bridge,and i was wondering (even in future) if i will be able to upgrade my mobo for triple channel or more than 16gb of memory.....

    I know 16 is a lot,im just thinking long term...Because the processor i want is alot of $$ and would like to be able to upgrade a mobo at a later point if it only supports dual now...

    I guess from what i am hearing, sandy bridge is two channel only?
    or,MOTHERBOARDS that are for sandy bridge only support dual channel?

    Pardon my newbieness and naivety :)
  3. In theory they can support 32GB (4 x 8GB), but stability might be an issue. Besides most vendors probably don't want to cannibalize sales of the X58 platform or its upcoming replacement.
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