No signal from computer to monitor

I have tried multiple monitors none of which recieve signal from either of my video cards or my integrated slot. The monitors work on other computers, the video cards, however, I have not been able to try. What is the next step for me in fixing this?
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  1. the intergrated slot is probably turned off in bios or board jumper. check for jumper Clear cmos with cards out, leave cards out reboot, intergrated should kick in.
  2. what happens when you take out the memory?
  3. the cards may be dead. had several 4770's just disappear lately and Asus just says they are not repairable and replace them, no explanation what failed or why.
  4. I plugged monitor into integrated and started without graphics card.
    still no signal :(

    as for memory,
    should I just leave it off unplug ram replug and restart?
  5. does it sound like it is booting up all the way? Could be a number of things not just video... Do you have diagnostic lights on the motherboard or is it a brand box...
  6. the fan lights work the computer doesnt beep when I turn it on, i can hear the harddrive run. It is not a brand box.
  7. if you take the memory out does post (beep)?

    use one of the memory at a time. one of them might be bad.
  8. my gigabyte lights up like a chrismas tree inside, diagnostic leds onboard for everything... ram, cpu, hard drives, and even an lcd with bios and overclock errors. try looking up the manual for that bad boy and see if you have similar features. Got a part number? If the board or cpu goes the fans and harddrives will still run off the psu. Gpu failure will generally give a beep error
  9. can you provide some hardware info?

    MOBO, memory, gpu, etc...
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