Computer stuck in dvi display mode can i use a vga to dvi converter to fix it?

My computer is stuck in dvi display mode but only has a vga port. I get "No Signal" using only the vga cord. Can I use a converter/adapter to connect the vga port to the dvi input on the monitor?
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  1. Hate to sound stupid, but what is gpu?
  2. On startup the monitor shows a screen that has display options VGA mode and DVI mode. DVI mode is selected. Then it goes to no signal and into sleep mode. Somehow my kids changed the display mode to DVI, but my HP doesn't have a DVI port on it. My monitor does, though. I have a DVI cord, and wanted to know if I use an adapter converter will I get a signal?
  3. Gee thanks. No, I'm not a computer nerd. If I was I could answer the question myself. I just didn't want to waste money on an adapter if that wouldn't fix it.
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