Hybrid Crossfire (5450) or just 5670 ?

Hi guys...
I need help deciding on which route to go...
First off, i'm not a gamer so I don't intend to play games on my PC. I'm building a new system to work on editing 1080p hd videos from my T2i camera. So I bought a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H 890GX mobo with an AMD Phenom II 1090T. I'm gonna see if i can OC the system to get it to go a lil faster. But my main problem is which Graphics setup should I go with?
I can Hybrid Crossfire with the board's radeon 4200 and a MSI HD 5450 card. I'm just wondering if just having a 5670 card would give better graphics performance???
Any advice would be appreciated!
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  1. You'll better with just a HD5670, no need to hybrid thing...
    Since you aren't a gamer, OC the CPU would help you much for your work. :)
  2. AFAIK, you still can only hybrid crossfire with the HD 3450 and 3470. Its an old technology that never really reached its potential.
    even a 5570 would be better than hybrid crossfire. But I would go for the 5670 myself just in case you decide to try some games. But the 5570 should be adequate for your use.
  3. after reading people's responses on other forums, seems like the hybrid crossfire doesn't really cut it... i'll ditch the hybrid xfire method and just go with a single 5670 card. thanks for the input guys...
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