What do you think of this motherboard?

HEY GUYS I want to use this motherboard for my first gaming pc (BUDGET BUILD) i just want to get a little insight on it before i buy it im going to be using a athlon 640 quadcore in it and a ati 5770 and im thinking about doing crossfire in the future but not now! because i wont have the money for it lol :non:

O yea also is there anyway to know if a motherboard supports x16/x16 crossfire\sli and NOT x8/x8 crossfire\sli

MSI 790XT-G45 AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard

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  1. ^ If you will be buying RAM also, then I would suggest this board instead -

    And only the 890FX and 790FX boards do x16x16...rest of them do x8x8 or x16x4...And I dont think it wont matter much too...
  2. Thx i see that board has ddr3 but it ddr3 only gives like a 2% increase in performance over ddr2. 16x16 gives a bigger performance increase then 8x8 at higher resolutions so the 16x16 board is better for gaming if i had a lower resolution the 8x8 board would be a good choice but now a 1920x1080
  3. ^ I dont think so...It depends more on the card that you will be using rather than the resolution of the monitor...Did you see the review that I had linked ? It compares cards running @x8x8 vs x16x16...

    Also as for DDR3 vs DDR3, more than the performance, it would help while upgrading...you can reuse the DDR3 RAM in newer builds...
  4. Actually what resolution do u game one and max budget? For me i just hit a juicy Rana 440/770 or 785G combo and go for the jugular for me budget builds :P
    $513AR config for ref

    And ya +1 DDR3
    only reason to hit DDR2 now is if u had like 4 gigs idling looking pretty in your room : the sun has gone down on DDR2 platforms and current/future platforms are all DDR3
  5. Yep and for budget builds best go for the best frames/$$ rather than consider SLI/CF for best results IMO hehe
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