ATI 4850 and 400W PSU, Will it Work? Setup as following:

Hi, I bought a computer with the following specifications, but the graphics card wasn't satisfying me enough. Nvidea EN210.

So I decided, to buy an HD4850 Sapphire Card, and put it in, coming to the concolusion it only used a 300W PSU, with no 6-pin connector for my new graphics card, as I found out I am now going to buy a 400W AOPEN PSU, from a good seller which I will buy later today, but I'm not sure if it will work.

Can anyone give me an answer to the following setup? Thank you,/i]

- Intel DQ35JO Mainboard.
- Intel C2Q 9400 Processor
- 2x 2Gb DDR2 PC5300 Geheugen
- 1TB Western Digital Green
- Cardreader
- DVD Writer PATA, Optical.

My question? Will a 400 Watt PSU from AOPEN make this work good? With the above setup. Thank you!!!

I hope I get a message soon from someone of you all!
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  1. AOPEN? That's a pretty well brand name right? It makes the cases and everything?
  2. supyoshi said:
    AOPEN? That's a pretty well brand name right?

    Not even close.
  3. ahh.. ok but 400W should be enough right? Aopen is stated as a good company over here. :(
  4. Will a 400W PSU from Coolermaster be fine then?
    I didn't ask about brand names etc.
  5. Thnx people everyone! Sorry for being an ass, and stubborn, bought an 500Watt Coolermaster!

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