Xp sp3 prob............

i have this old pc
pentium 4 prescott 506 3.66ghz
intel d101ggc
1.50 gb of ddr sd ram
80 gb hdd
hd 4650 ddr2 1gb
win xp sp3

now the prob is that it hangs very frequently......i tried everything i know ......
1st completly scanned it for virus spyware etc
2nd defraged the disks
cleaned the ram even checked it with memtest86+ it passed with no errors
reinstalled xp sp3
but it still hangs :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: now what are your suggestions.....wat could probably be wrong....i suspect the hdd is the culprit.....plz help
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  1. yes................
  2. Suspecting the HDD, do you hear ticking sound coming from it? Slow response or boot? You're most likely correct, assuming that memory is not likely the issue, as they passed the MemTest.
  3. change your processor, use dual core processor or any new version. :bounce:
  4. Uninstall SP3 and download a standalone version of SP3.
    I assume your pc functioned correctly under SP2 before you updated to SP3.
  5. i have been running sp3 for around 6 months full updated .........the prob started 1 week ago .......i dont think its the os (r u certain it would work) .....i also here this clicking sound from hdd every 6 seconds when load on cpu is 100%(i am checking my disk with hd tune right now ...will post the results soon)......
  6. i did scan with hd tune
    it gave me warning ultra dma crc error count....i have backed up data..should i toss it or keep it.......
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    Unfortunately, you're gonna have to let it go. HDD failure is unrepairable. One thing you can try is low level format. But after hearing your description, I don't think that will help either. :(

    EDIT: Typo
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