Conflict if two Realtek PCIe Ethernet cards are in one PC?

I have a Realtek Ethernet connection built into motherboard with Win7. I tried to install another Realtek PCIe X1 Ethernet card onto the same HP p6347 PC. The PC can only recognized it when it was inserted into X4 slot. None of the three X1 slots cannot see it in DeviceManager. Either I used the driver from CD or the driver from their web-site, the PC always tells me the device cannot start. Code 10 error.

Is it because one cannot put two Realtek Ethernet chipsets in one PC?
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  1. Hello,

    Would guess you corrupted the on board ethernet system driver while trying to install the second one.
    Here is a good explanation of what Device Driver Code 10 means. Wouldn't try their autofix, at least initially.

    First go to you MB website, and download the latest Realtek ethernet driver they have.
    Then go to the Device manager, uninstall the realtek device driver for the add in board shown there, then shut down and remove the add in card.

    Boot up and back in the device manager, uninstall the realtek driver for the MB ethernet chip. Then reboot and install the latest driver for your MB ethernet component. That should get your onboard ethernet system working.

    If you want add the second ethernet port, try disabling your onboard ethernet system before reinstalling the secondary system. If that goes smoothly, then enable your onboard ethernet port.
  2. Thank you, John for your response.

    Someone in the company suggested to use a hub instead.
  3. Hello,

    There is no problem having 2 separate Ethernet connections on a computer. Many MB manufacturers actually have two built in.
    Two separate NIC connections are used to connect to different networks, or in a more complex setting to work together to speed up network speed. A hub would be used to connect two computers or other devices on the same subnet, not different networks.

    In this case, it' should be just a matter of installing the proper drivers.
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