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I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this.

The problem is I want to do a factory restore on my laptop (Aspire 5517, Windows 7) using Acer's eRecovery management (I don't have any recovery disks). However whenever I try to use the installed software for this, it just restarts my laptop and does nothing. I tried Alt+F10, which was equally unsuccessful.

I believe the reason for this is that a while back I installed a dual boot of Linux/Win7, then decided I didn't like the version of Linux I had, and uninstalled it. In the process it messed up the MBR, and I had to repair with a Windows 7 repair disc.

Is there anyway to repair the Acer mbr? I've looked in the recovery partition and it seems it's still intact. Otherwise it's just 10 gb of wasted space. Thanks for any help.
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  1. I would suggest trying your original method of using a Windows 7 disc to repair the MBR. Even a downloaded OEM version will do the trick, it doesnt have to be the specific one that came with your machine.
  2. I have a Windows repair disc, the problem is that when I used the disc to repair the mbr when I uninstalled Linux (this was about 6 months ago, not recently) it repaired the mbr for default Windows 7, not the modified Acer mbr that allows the recovery system to be booted. Currently, the mbr works as intended, I can boot windows with no problems. I just can't do a factory restore because I can't boot the acer recovery partition.
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    Aah, I get you. Found this interesting article:

    Its a bit dated but if you look at the third option which I think might work for you, it suggests using Ultimate Boot CD which I believe stays fairlu up to date. You might be able to restore/repair your recovery partition that way.
  4. An interesting and helpful article, but I don't think I'm gonna try too much. I was just looking for a simple solution, but the computer works in it's current state and I'd rather not do something to make it not work. But thanks very much for the replies and for finding that article.
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