Best cpu/ cpu heatsink combo for ~$100

ok so im looking to buy a new PC inshAllah, and right now im deciding on a processor.
my budget is at most $110, but it like it if it cost $100 or less...
no preference regarding company (intel or amd), either will do, just need the best performance for the price
as i also intend to purchase a motherboard, cpu socket is irrelevent as motherboards cost more or less the same amount.
my main use will be gaming
i intend to overclock!
noise is not an issue
so basically, for that price, the best intel i belive is intel corei3 530

for amd its a little confusing, larger possible variety for the pricerange.. here are some configurations ive thought of

Phenom x3 740 3.0ghz
possible heatsinks for my budget
XIGMATEK HDT-S963 92mm Rifle CPU Cooler
Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer

phenom x3 715 2.8 ghz

athlon x3; most review say it unlocks the 4th core
cooler master
Tuniq Tower 120 Universal CPU Cooler 120mm Cooling Fan
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  1. I would buy the Phenom ii x3 740 over and over again, and save your pennies for a zalman 9700. I'm running both of them and overclocked 3.8ghz full load temps of 59c on air!!
  2. +1 for rolli59's suggestion. Check your local stores you may be able to find a hyper 212 for about 20$ additionally think amazon has it cheaper as well.
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