Gaming pc build $ 300

i waNT TO BUILD A gaming pc for about 300 $.
i currently have a gateway profile 5.5, 3.2 ghz processor, pentium 4, and 2gb ddr1 ram,
and with 40 gb, hard disk,
could u please recommend me all the stuff that i would need to build a gaming pc within this budget,
i was thinking about selling my gateway, (that is where some of the money is gonna come from)? do u know about how much cuold i sell this pc for?
what i need is a processor, a mobo, graphic card, psu and a hard drive
i am looking forward for ur reply,


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  1. Quote:
    what i need is a processor, a mobo, graphic card, psu and a hard drive

    $301AR off Egg USA
  2. i dno't think i would with ddr3 ram, what i know about it is that it gives just a small precent increase in performance but costs too much when compared to ddr2
  3. Nope DDR2/3 costs about the same now with the sun going down on DDR2 platforms as all current and future platforms DDR3
  4. do u know about for how much could i sell my old pc, i was thinking maybe about 150$
    or is it worth less?
  5. Hmm a DDR/P4/40GB i would think maybe $50?
  6. Hi Usman, Salam Alaikum.

    Where are you from?

    If you're based outside of the sub-continent, I don't know what price you're gonna get for it.

    But down here, it ain't gonna be much more than 2 - 5 Grands.

    Also, Batuchka gave you an AMD build. Amd is more expensive in my country than Intel. So I can give you an Intel build, if you want. It's gonna cost you less.

    Please state your country of origin to get more accurate replies. Please take a look at THIS GUIDE & post accordingly :)
  7. i live in Pakistan
  8. yea sure if u live here than surely ur help would be most practical
  9. In USA, with DDR-2gb an old pentium 4... 40gb... yeah about 50 bucks.... batuchka +1

    And intel is more expensive than amd
  10. +2 cant get much better than that for 300....
  11. well, if u don't know about this system, as i mentioned it is gateway profile 5.5, this compter has a built in lcd , and also has a very small attached case, maybe this might increase its worth, check out its pic on Google and than tell what u think
  12. Actually, you're right. The form factor might just increase it's price by 'bout a grand or so. Probably about 3-4 thousand, I'd say.

    I dunno, if it's the same in Pak, as it is, here in India, but with AMD being more expensive, I'm gonna look at the following - (I'm giving you newegg links, you can get these from your local store).

    CPU : E5400

    Mobo : ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS

    RAM : (2 X 1 GB) or (2 X 2 GB) depending on your budget. Kingston & Transcend are prolly the way to go. Stay away from Tamkor etc. if you can.

    HDD : Seagate Barracuda / Western Digital Cavier Blue / Samsung Spinpoint F3 (Dunno if they sell that in Pakistan, though). Go with 320, if you don't need a lot of storage - it'll be a bit cheaper than 500.

    You've gotta get a half decent PSU to support a gfx card. In India, we'd prolly go with Frontech 500-600 watts. It'll come with the rest of the system anyways - no extra charges. Go with an inexpensive mid tower case.

    For gaming you need a discrete GPU, & that's gonna be the killer, monetarily. Ideally you'll need the Radeon HD 5770.

    But at least the Radeon HD 4650 is the bare basic requirement.
  13. thanks a lot for all your help and one last thing, is there any difference between dual core and core 2 duo?
  14. One thing I forgot to mention - the RAM should be DDR2 800.

    Processors have either a single / dual (2)/ triple (3)/ quad (4) / or hexa (6) cores. We are also gonna have octacore processors (8 cores) fron Intel pretty soon.

    Obviously, the higher the number of cores, higher the price (mostly, but not always - it's complex).

    Intel Core 2 Duos are dual cores as well, as in they have 2 cores. But they are from a comparatively newer generation, and cost significantly more than the PENTIUM dual cores.

    The E5400 that I recommended is a Pentium Dual Core as well. It's around 3000 Rupees here, so should be 'round 5000 in Pak (just guessing - no idea about Pakistani prices).
  15. BTW, the prices I mentioned are in Indian Rupees, so it'll probably be twice as much in Pak.
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